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Experience Himalayas
Experience Himalayas is a specialized travel company which creates tailor made packages keeping in mind the spirit of adventure and leisure for the discerning traveler like you.All the programs and trekking routes operated by Experience Travel and Living Pvt. Ltd. have been fully developed by us together with our team of guides. Every itinerary has been checked through what we call “recognition treks” to verify route feasibility and attractiveness, campsite conditions, distances and timings, in order to be able to give you as much a fair description of what the program is going to be as possible. This is not only done when developing a new route, but rather, every itinerary is thoroughly and constantly revised through our guides’ trip reports. If we identify a possible improvement or a problem in any of the routes, we immediately modify it in order to ensure a more enjoyable experience to our clients. We are always in constant search of new routes of spectacular beauty and little tourist affluence to share with our most demanding clients, We will generally try to avoid tourist areas that have been over-exploited or, when operating them, we will do it in such a way that we minimize the contact with the tourist crowds and thus allow for a more authentic experience.